Friday, March 4, 2011

Bark at the Moon - Trouble in Silver Lake

Just finished playing Part 1 of Bark at the Moon. I'll hold off on a full review until after we finish Part 2 on Saturday, but I'm having a blast. The encounters so far have been really tightly themed and make both mechanical and narrative sense. Until then, here's a little after action report taken from the journal of Olaf Olafsen, world's fastest dwarf.

August 17th
After that awful business in Orlane, it was nice to run into a friendly face on the road. My cousin Thump was heading East for the annual Hammer Festival back home, and we decided to travel together to pass the time more quickly. Soon after, we met our cousin Beric Low-Toes and his traveling companion Shamash, a fearsome dragonborn holy warrior. They were fresh from the Orc Wars, and also on their way to the Hammer Festival for a little R&R.

August 18th
Gould and Bargidigos joined us in the town of Plainfield. I dismissed them as nothing but honorless mercenaries at first, but they fought bravely beside us when the bandits attacked, so I suppose they aren't all bad.

August 19th
These are dark times we live in. We had barely caught our breath after being set upon by bandits in the Low Forest when a piercing cry awoke us in the middle of the night. Crashing through the brush was a human woman being chased by several wolves. We rushed to her aid only to discover these were not ordinary wolves but werewolves! We killed the foul creatures but not before they had bitten the woman, Regina, and my cousin Beric. They both came under the influence of the Moon Frenzy.

Regina led us to her village, a town called Silver Lake, where we met their healer and some of the surviving villagers. In order to cure the Frenzy, we needed to collect some flowers for the village healer from a haunted barrow-grove. The fey-creatures guarding that place were strange and powerful - their enchanting songs still fill my ears. Beric was so moved by the faerie-music that he was unable to keep his feet!

Okay, that's it for tonight. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion this weekend.

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