Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quick update

I've been pretty busy lately, but I'm getting back to writing now so here's a quick update of what I've been up to in preparation for a longer post soon.

I've been running the DM Rewards Tomb of Horrors, which has been a lot of fun. It is a truly inspired dungeon, with a lot synergies and excitement that come out during play that don't really read well on the page. I've still got three more sessions of the Tomb (assuming everyone survives) and I'm really looking forward to it.

I was recently invited to DM for the New School Games Club. I ran Into the Shadowhaunt from the first 4e D&D Gameday back in '08, and a good time was had all around. I updated the monsters using MM3 math, and prepared Essentials characters for the players, who were either new players, or players whose last D&D experience was 2e. It was a very close fight, with three out of the four heroes making death saves. The tide was turned back to the players' side by the rogue rolling a 20 on his death save and hopping up to trigger the knight's second wind.

I also haven't forgotten about my conversion project. Tonight I've started to choose monsters and build up some of the encounters 4e style. More on this later.