Saturday, October 15, 2011

Windows Live Writer and a quick Dungeon Tiles tip

This is a test post to see if I like using WIndows Live Writer. It seems fine so far, and it might save me the occasional ‘blogger lost my progress after 20 minutes of using the stupid in-browser editor’ problems.

Now for the quick tip:

If you are like me, you get frustrated when your dungeon tiles slip and slide around the table. I love my tiles, but I rarely use them because of this exact issue. You can certainly solve this by using scotch tape to mount the tiles to a board ahead of time, but that adds a lot of prep time, and it isn’t convenient to carry around a bunch of pre-assembled maps on the subway. For convenience, I usually just tote around a roll-up wet-erase battle mat.

To save prep time and eliminate tile jostling, I’ve started using a grippy shelf liner to help control my table. Now I just lie down the shelf liner first and the tiles don’t slide all over the place. Superb!

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